WARNING: Mature Content

Did you ever get one of those "too good to be true" emails promising you millions of dollars if you'll help transfer some overseas money to the U.S.?

I answer them in my spare time. Have a free look at responses from Big Dawg, Herbert Humper, The Big Dick, and a few other characters from the depth of my imagination. And see what other scams I expose on different subjects from time to time.


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What Price Paradise?

Book 3: What Price Paradise?

A BRILLIANT, MAVERICK SCIENTIST discovers a way to use holographic, Beta Light images from the past to form an "interactive breach" in time, allowing him to insert a person from the future into the still-living past. Unknown to him, senior officials at the agency housing the Time Viewing Machine have known for years that a controlled entry into the past was possible. However, as desperate as life in the 25th century has become, they did not wish to play God with the lives of people not yet born, since even a minor change in the past could produce unimaginable repercussions in the centuries to come.

But their decision also hides a terrible secret. Once inserted into the past every molecule in the time traveler's body is replaced with elements from that time, and they cease to exist in the future as their body is literally reborn into the past. With this gradual "rebirth" comes a loss of memory of, and identity in, a world which does not yet exist.

Keith Maravich, life-long friend and brother to Carson Gilmore, travels back to May 1999 to alter the course of human history which placed mankind on its path to extinction. Fate thrusts Gil into the role of reluctant hero as he is persuaded to go after Keith to stop him from fulfilling his mission. As the critical day approaches, neither Gil nor Keith are completely certain of what they should, or shouldn't do. They meet at the designated time and battle one another five hundred years before they were born as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

What Price Paradise? was co-authored with John William Galt.