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Lucifer Covenant

The enemies of God have assembled. The battle for men's souls is about to begin. It is a time for Truth. It is a time for Action.And only one man holds the key to both.

The Lucifer Covenant

THE LUCIFER COVENANT was co-written with R.A. Varghese, who is the author/editor of eight books on science, philosophy and religion.

Story Synopsis

The Lucifer Covenant is a Da Vinci Code-type thriller that follows Father Santos Machado and his young assistant Miguel on their quest through some of the holiest sites in Christendom.

In the 19th century, Pope Leo XIII witnessed a celestial encounter between God and the Devil. To prove the power of Church in the eyes of God, Satan would be allowed to “do his worst” for 100 years.

The enemies of God called this The Lucifer Covenant. During this time, the forces of evil would have unconstrained power. If evil triumphed in the end, this would signal the beginning of the Apocalypse and the end of all human life on Earth.

As the story begins, the 100 year cycle is near its end. While in Kathmandu at the International Exorcists’ Congress, Father Machado survives a horrifying attempt on his life that kills every other exorcist in attendance. He is told that he is the only person left who can cage the Beast, the Devil’s prime human agent. He is the Final Exorcist

Traveling to the San Giuseppe Church in Rome, Machado gets a startling glimpse of the “Seven Secrets” that hold the key to ending the Lucifer Covenant. Now he and Miguel have to discover their hidden meaning. Their first stop is Jerusalem where the ancient and modern histories of the Jews converge on a great mystery. From there the quest takes them through Cairo, Lisbon, Dublin, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Santa Fe --- all of them sites of supernatural events that point to the meaning of human history.

Each step of the way a mysterious adversary is in ferocious pursuit of the duo. But as the significance of each Secret dawns on them, they realize they must not fail for the fate of humanity is at stake.